President and Founder of Harpervision Associates

Greg Harper is a futurist currently focusing on the latest technology trends related to hybrid working and collaboration systems, using AI and AV over IP to create immersive environments that promote meeting equality in corporate and educational spaces. This work includes developing systems and business strategies for IP-based production facilities, ultra-high-resolution remote collaboration, telepresence systems, unified communications, VR/AR, 5G, and IoT.

He is currently designing and implementing a next-generation distance learning system for Shorelight Education. He is a senior adviser to leading investment banks, helping them deploy IP-based workplace technology and collaborative systems and providing research information on cutting-edge technologies. Greg has worked with leading Wall Street investment banks for over 25 years. Greg is the CIO of Gateway, a Nordic Innovation Center In New York City where many of these developments are prototyped, tested, and demonstrated. 

Greg is co-founder of Gadgetoff, an invitation-only technology celebration, and is a frequent speaker at major conferences worldwide, both public and private, on next-generation media and technology trends. As a designer of systems ranging from telepresence and distance learning to digital media systems, Greg has been awarded twenty-six U.S. patents in digital media and interactive TV and has others pending.