Gregory W. Harper

Gregory W. Harper is President and Founder of Harpervision Associates, a firm dedicated to the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology for business communication, digital media production and distance learning. His work currently focuses on developing systems and business strategies for IP-based production facilities, ultra-high-resolution remote collaboration and telepresence systems, unified communications, VR/AR, 5G and IOT.

Through Harpervision, he is responsible for live Infrastructure at Shorelight Education and serves as CIO of Gateway, a Nordic Innovation Center in New York City. He is currently a senior adviser to a top international financial institution. Greg has worked with leading Wall Street investment banks for over 20 years, helping them deploy worldwide rich media and collaborative systems as well as providing research information on cutting edge technologies and future technology trends.  Greg was co-founder and CTO of Neuehouse, an innovative concept in shared office space, with locations in New York and Los Angeles.

For over 15 years, Greg served as Senior Strategic Advisor to the Chairman of retail chain Trans World Entertainment, where he was a key player in the development of the company’s digital strategies.  As designer of systems ranging from telepresence and distance learning to digital media systems, Greg has been awarded twenty-six U.S. patents in digital media and interactive TV and has others pending.   He served on the board of Troxell Communications, the leading distributor of AV technology to the K-12 education market in the US, was a board member of the IAR  audio school and is a senior adviser and co-founder of Hoylu AB, a leader in remote collaboration. Greg is co-founder of Gadgetoff and is a frequent speaker at major conferences worldwide, both public and private, on next generation media and technology trends.  Some of his many TV appearances and conference presentations can be seen at


Greg started his career in broadcasting at CBS News in the Paris Bureau and has had a long and successful career not only in television production but also in emerging technology. For Panasonic, Greg served as a senior advisor to Panasonic North America, working on their Living in High Definition initiative. Greg was president of My Publisher, the leading publisher of custom photo books and supplier to Apple Computer.  In August 2000, Greg sold NextVenue, a company he co-founded, to IBeam Broadcasting.

NextVenue, a leader in the streaming media industry, was a spin-off of CNBC Dow Jones Business Video, a joint venture of NBC, Dow Jones and Microsoft.  Prior to the spin-off, Greg served as Chief Technologist to the NBC/Microsoft joint venture and was responsible for designing its innovative rich media offering.  Greg’s prior endeavors include: Executive Vice President of NBC Onsite, a pioneering in-store advertising system; video technology architect and advisor to Bloomberg TV; President of Technology for ACTV, a leader in interactive television; President and Founder of Com/Tech Communication Technologies, Inc., a video production and technology firm, which he sold in 1995 and co-developer of  IRN a private financial TV network. He has also done extensive work as a producer of television shows, both in the US and abroad, and has developed and deployed technology in multiple areas, including interactive cable, data broadcasting, digital signage and judicial video arraignment systems.

He served as a US representative to various ITU standards committees (CCITT and CCIR) as well as various EIA and ISO committees, focusing on data broadcasting. He was a leader in the creation of the US NABTS teletext standard, worked on the development of the world’s first interactive cable TV system, Warner’s Qube, worked for various television networks and stations, including WGBY TV, Springfield Mass, CBS (news division and technology), PBS (technology and program production), France Telecom/TDF (President of its US subsidiary, Antiope and Telematics) and NBC (long range planning and data broadcasting).  Mr. Harper is a graduate of Amherst College.